Young and Flashy Speedster Operating out of Freewater


I wish to make sense of this.


Super-human movement rate

  • Capable of super-sonic running velocities. May run up and down vertical surfaces and across water for limited durations.

Super-human reflexes

  • Senses are sped up in proportion to his movement rate. Can perform basic or practiced manual tasks with fantastic speed.

Enhanced Metabolism

  • Heals much faster than typical from injury.
  • Metabolizes poisons faster, often avoiding injury due to sustained presence of toxin.


  • Signature move: sacrifice some movement rate in order to “erratically” varying position (e.g., spontaneously decelerating or burst acceleration).
  • Effectively harder to hit/track and appears to be effortless.

Marginal Combat Proficiency
o Some proficiency with self-defense oriented martial arts.
Enhanced Metabolism
o Requires a massive amount of calories in order to maintain any sort of speedster activity.
o May be potentially aging faster.
o Helpful compounds often leave system too soon to gain full benefit.
o Operating at high speeds causes damage to himself and surrounding environment.
Strict Code of the Hero
o Against Killing.
Stratagem: line of sight targeting with area effect attacks. Particular focus should be paid to equilibrium/visibility effects as well as traction altering counter measures.
Current Threat level: C – Despite his astounding speed it is very possible to catch Tempo, at least temporarily, in compromising situations.
Potential Threat Floor: D – the ease of incapacitation coupled with his otherwise normal durability leads to simplified neutralization outside of top-speed scenarios.
Potential Threat Ceiling: B+ – Tempo may be able achieve technology or physicality in order to extend his activity duration and reduce the chance of loss of senses.
Sex: M Age: Early-20’s Height: 5’8” Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: ? Eyes: ? Ethnicity: Caucasian Name: ?
HQ: ? AoO: Freewater
Unsurprisingly it has been incredibly difficult to gather information on a man that can move faster than every vehicle at our disposal. This lack of intel is indicative of a lack of leverage.



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